When I add a Boolean field to a table in Base with required entry of length 1, it changes to length 0 upon saving and table will not accept data.

When I add a Boolean (Yes/No) field to a table in Base with Required entry of length 1, the field changes to an unchangeable length 0 upon saving. So, when I try to fill my table with date, the record will not save because the check/uncheck entry is longer than 0 length. Cannot populate fields. Cannot enter my data!

SQL Status: 22001
Error code: -124

What LO/OS are you using? Is this an embedded, split or external DB?

This information is based upon LO v on Mint 18 using an embedded DB.

First created simple table:
image description

Note that entry is required & length remains at 1.

Entered some data:
image description

No problem.
Add another BOOL field:

Cannot add with Entry required = Yes because existing records would have NULL entry. Set Entry required = No and following is table:

image description

Either modify records directly or through SQL update. Then back to modify table field to Entry required = Yes and some table entries:

The field length does show 0 but can now input records without problems.

The error stated indicates some field entered incorrectly (truncated). You don’t state whether data was entered prior (not likely because of error indicated above) to this BOOL field being added. The problem could possibly be in the date format (or type) chosen and what is being entered.