When I create a .doc file in LibreOffice Writer, the last few sentences are missing when the file is viewed in Microsoft Word

When I create a .doc file in LibreOffice Writer and send it to someone, and they open the file in Microsoft Word, the last few sentences of the document are missing! Or, sometimes, the last sentence is cut off in the middle, and the other person cannot see the end of the sentence. But all of the sentences show up just fine when I view the document in LibreOffice Writer. Please help! Thank you!

Are those sentences in it’s own paragraph, or half paragraph is shown and half is hidden? In which version of LibreOffice is document made and in which version of Word is viewed on? Could you upload example of such document? Just make sure you strip any personal info as documents published here are publicly available.

The .doc format isn’t native format for LibreOffice. So it’s may be a bug about creating a .doc file. Please fill a bug report in to bugs.documentfoundation.org