When I draw curves in a Calc cell they move when I close and reopen the spreadsheet

I am using Windows 7 and I have version of LibreOffice. When I draw diagrams in a cell straight lines are OK but curves do not stay in position. When I close the spreadsheet and re-open it they have moved to the first cell in the spreadsheet (A1). If I anchor them to the cell in which they were created, they still move but only to an adjacent cell.
I have done some testing and find that as well as curves multi-line polygons also have this problem as does ‘arc’, however ‘shapes’ or ‘symbols’ do not and stay in position in the cell where I placed them. I have been doing these diagrams in Excel for years, and last year I started using Open Office and LibreOffice instead but had no problems. I have also noticed that if I open the document in Open Office the curves are showing extremely large, maybe 10 times the size they were drawn, so there is a mismatch between OP and LO. I have not tried saving out as an .xls file as in the past I have found that the drawings do not transfer between LO and Excel , they are all over the place.

Did you serach already for related bugs?
Did you try with a different version (v e.g. which contains bugfixes as compared with 6.0.2)?
Don’t use such extremely fresh (x.0) versions in “production”. Join the testers with them instead.
What for do you use the term “diagrams”? Just line-shapes?
Do not try to solve problems by using alien file “formats”. You won’t get less but more of them, most likely.

There was a probably related bug tdf#101187. However, it was reported FIXED with v 5.3.
If there was a regression: With my on Win 10 I couldn’t confirm the reported observations.
Did you try a reset user profile already?

Hi Lupp, the diagrams are what navigators call ‘tulip diagrams’ and are very simple. The problem only occurs with curves (even a single line) and polygons constructed from lines (if selected from the ‘shapes’ they are OK) What happens is that the drawings are shown ‘anchored’ to the cell (which is correct I think) but if I close the spreadsheet and re-open it the anchor points have changed to adjacent cells.I re-installed LO earlier today but that made no difference,I will try an earlier version

I tried version and the problem is the same. I have also tried 5.4.6 and the multi-line polygon is now OK but the curve still moves to Cell A1 (Page anchor) or adjacent cell (Cell anchor) when spreadsheet is re-opened… If I do it in OO ,LO opens it and it all works OK, but when I try OO to open the LO created document the curves and polygons are all over the place. This is causing me to waste a lot of time, my only options are to revert to OO or stop using curves.

If you are sure to have only these options then simply choose, and I can also stop waisting time.
Otherwise I would mention that very strange issues sometimes are caused by user profile corruption.