when I open xlsx I see empty sheet


I have an xlsx file which opens fine in MS Excel and in Google Drive.
When I open in LO, I get one empty sheet. No visible data.

I enclose an example file, so maybe you can reproduce.

When I open this file in GoogleDocs, and I save to LO-format ods. Then I can open it perfectly in LO.
In the sample file are 2 lines of data. 1 top row with column labels in bold. And 1 line of data.

I am using LO version: (x64)
Build ID: 65905a128db06ba48db947242809d14d3f9a93fe

Thx for your advice.


Here is the file in question.

Filed tdf#122336.

Please explain how this XLSX was created. Looks like generated from some software. If resaved in MS Office, opens fine in LO.

In reply to Timur: We have an ERP software that allows to make reports/exports of data. When you open the export directly in MS Office, it opens fine. When I open in Google Drive, also there no problem. But when I open in LO, I have a blanc sheet. In our company LO is our main office package, we don’t use or have MS Office available. So that is why it is very important we can work efficiently with these exports. When I raise a issue/bug to the ERP-vendor, they reject it because it opens fine in MS Office and therefor, “not reproducable”.

In reply to Mike Kaganski: I made a new clean file available. Same download location. On my side, it opens fine in MS Excel, no warnings or errors.

Anyway, all help is welcome. In our company we are already using LO as our prime office package for the last 10 years. Sofar, we never had one issue. This is the first real issue. Thx all for helping.

When I raise a issue/bug to the ERP-vendor, they reject it because it opens fine in MS Office and therefor, “not reproducable”.

What a nice vendor, that tries to reproduce a problem reported for LibreOffice, by using MS Office… they must be really proficient.

The vendor claims they only test using MS Office. And since it opens perfect in MSOffice, therefor it is a correct xlsx file. Google Docs also opens fine, no issues there. So there must be some difference in how Google/Microsoft/LO handles this format. I would assume they share some common library to read certain file-types… but it seems not.

I don’t claim there’s no bug in LO; that’s why I filed the bug I mentioned above.

But unfortunately many “vendors” assume that if it opens fine with MS Office, then it must be “correct”. In fact, it is not. I keep fixing problems with interoperability with MS Office, when we have to be bug-to-bug-compatible with that suite; and the funny thing is that MS Office itself often doesn’t generate problematic data, but it’s 3rd-party “professionals” who create their products without reading documentation, just assuming that “if it works with MS Office, then it must be fine”.