When I reopen my document, footnote format has changed (but not always)

Hi there,

I work on my file and everything looks fine. So I close it, but when I reopen it the footnotes are messed up

See for example here:

(the correct font size is the one in the text of the footnote and I shouldn’t have those extra spaces.

Also here:

where I shouldn’t have the tabs
Here instead:

you can see that the footnote numbers in the text are not superscript.

All these problems are not throughout the text, but only here and there. I try to fix them, but then when I reopen the document they reappear…

Any ideas?
I am saving the document as .doc (and I need it as such).

This is driving me demented… I have reinserted the dodgy footnotes from scratch, but it has made no difference. I suspect that it is getting the wring style from somewhere, but where…

Well, on the plus side I have seen that in some cases there were some hidden formatting rules that made the footnote number not superscript. In this case I have cleared the formatting, cleaned the bits that needed cleaning, reformatted the text and now I have lovely superscripts. However the dodgy footnotes keep being dodgy…

Nothing… it doesn’t matter what I do. Every time I close and reopen the doc, SOME footnotes are messed up.

Save as ODT, not as .doc and the problem (like MANY others) goes.
D’oh!! :smiley: