When I save my forms into PDF the macros do not works in PDF. How to fix it?

I created in LibreOfficeWriter a form that contains macro.
The macro in my form works by automatically filling some fields.
Everything is working fine on LibreOfficeWriter.
But… When I export it to PDF, the auto fields are not working in PDF.
They working in LibreOfficeWriter, but do not working in PDF.
How can I fix it? How can I export a form that contains macro to PDF?

Even if the PDF would contain your Basic code, no PDF viewer would interprete that code. And even if the PDF viewer would try to interprete that code, it could not talk to the office objects because a PDF viewer knows nothing about LibreOffice.

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Ok. Thanks, budy!
But if I use AdobePro to create forms and then export it to PDF.
Can the macros works this way?

I doubt that Adobe Pro executes Basic code. Even if it would execute Basic code, it would not understand what the Basic code talks to. Adobe Pro has not concept of LibreOffice.

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Deverá gerar o PDF direto no Adobe e criar as rotinas na linguagem própria dele, creio que ser possível.

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Maybe. Details you have to Check at Adobe.
PDF-Files can contain Javascript. But LibreOffice is no IDE for creating and managing this.
I read Scribus can embedd this, but you have to program the Scripts first.
Adobe May have prepared libraries for this, but you should be be aware not every Viewer for PDF will execute this.