When I try to install 7.0.3 or 7.0.4, it wants me to install in a network location. Why?

Instead of the normal dialog that we had with 6.n.n, using the location of the currently installed version, 7.n.n gives a dialog asking for a network location. No other options. It seems to want to create a completely new install. I do not allow, so I am still running Version: (x64)

What operating system and version? LO isn’t installed yet so it must be OS issue.

The possibilities are so varied, here is one for Windows 10 Enterprise

as i stated LibreOffice is installed here (on Windows 10 Pro) and has been for years (since ver 5, i think). I am asking why ver 7 uniquely wants to install in a Network location instead of where ver 6 is already installed?

Since ‘update’ tag was ignored, perhaps the title should read: “When I tried to update to 7.0.3 or 7.0.4, it wants me to install in a network location. Why?”

As far as Windows security is concerned, LO 7 is a new program. Did the troubleshooter help?

Have you looked through General Installation Issues (Windows)?

I am sorry that I cannot make myself clear. It is an update problem, not installation. Is that not two different issues? My problem is the DIALOG is different and asks for ‘network location’ I am not willing to put LO on my network, i want it to remain local as it has been for the last few years. AS for the link you provided it is not related.
Let me reiterate, I CAN install 7. No problems. EXCEPT 7 asks for a NETWORK LOCATION. I do not want it on my network drives or NASs. I want it on my local drive, where it is now.

Did you read any of the page? Is LO asking for the old installer so it can remove the old program cleanly?

An update from v6.x to 7.x is a new installation, deleting virtually everything except the user preferences and user data. Windows and security programs will see it as a new program

LO 7 does not ask for previous installer. This is the only dialog I get, asking for a network location instead of pointing to installed location. LO 7 Install Dialog

OK. There is clarification, but why is it asking to install to a network location? Maybe because it cannot install locally?

Is Windows Defender Controlled folder access blocking the installation by making local folders Read-Only? Try turning it off during installation of LO

I feel you are trolling me, by asking me my original question.
Both 7.0.3 and 7.0.4 do it. and previous updates never had this dialog window…

FYI: Windows Defender Controlled folder access has never been on.

new Information: I just started install of (already installed) and the server location dialog came up instead of the local location one! LO ^ re-install dialog This makes me think some change in Windows (monthly updates) is causing this behavior. If so, I would think we should be seeing other reports about the 'network location request/server image location. I guess i put this on the back burner for another few months and ignore LO’s pushing v7 as update at me. I have invested more time than I want on these v7 updates. Thanks for your time.

The dialog you shown is the administrative installation dialog, normally shown when one runs

msiexec /a path\to\installer.msi

Note the /a. If you see that dialog without explicitly asking for administrative installation, that is strange (I have never heard of such thing), but your suspicion about a system configuration change must be true. Anyway, you also may explicitly request normal installation by running

msiexec /i path\to\installer.msi

Note the /i in this case. In all usual cases, this /i is the default action executed when you double-click an MSI.

Mike i was replying to you as i was trying your suggestion. Of course LO closed Firefox :slight_smile: Firts off v 5.would fail install via double-click because or permission issues, we had to use administrator command prompt. That being said, Ver 7 is a different kettle. Oh yes, now /i works. with ver 5.n.n we had to use /a when installing as administrator to avoid all the errors caused by permissions issues. Is it possible ver 7 fixed those problems, but also changed which dialog appeared? I never saw the network one with Ver 5.n.n using /a. I’ be curious to know if double-click on msi works nowt works also. My thanks to you sir, this dialog behavior was aggravating.

Mike Kagansk’s answer is accepted.