When I type before a character, it deletes the following letter! how do I fix this?

I’m using writer

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Check the Status Bar at the bottom of the Writer window. Do you read ‘Overwrite’ there? If yes: hit ‘Insert’ KEY on the keyboard and you will be in insert mode again.

If not: I dont know. Need a file of yours, maybe a screenshot.

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That worked. Thanks!

OK, I just fell into the cauldron called 'Bugzilla´ because I tried to report the issue that the Overwrite indicator at the bottom of the Write screen shows, but the Insert indicator does not (Write 4.4.5). Someone in Bugzilla´s inner sanctum actually said that maybe it´s supposed to work that way…taking away the Insert indicator is good interface design, I guess.

Please see the following screen shots – and then please fix it!


Thank you for posting this answer it helped with problems I had in python