When i type text on libreoffice writer other text below going down

i am new in linux mint and free of charge libre office. I faced with problem. I type large text, but when i add something upper all text below it goes down and i need correct all shifted pages. Tell me, please, how this problem can be solved. Thank You for answer/

I guess you have been inserting blank lines (pressing the enter key) to move content down so it fits on a page. Do not insert blank lines to align your content. Use a manual page break (Ctrl+Enter) instead, to determine where content should skip to new page.

There are other settings which automates this to even higher degree: for “widow/orphan” lines within a paragraph, and “keep with next” for headings etc.

In addition to @keme1

blank lines:

manual page break → Menu:

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Thank`s a lot for everybody. Your advises are very helpful. Problem solved.

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