When is data transmitted in OLE link?

Say a chart created in Calc is OLE linked in Writer.

When is a change in the Calc file transmitted? When the change is made? When the file is saved?

It appears that the Calc file needs to be closed for the link to work. Is that correct?

Are the Writer contents supposed to update automatically? In my experience, they do not and I need to go to Tools > Update to get the update to work. Is there a way to get the update to happen more automatically?

For Update to work, does the data need to be called from the Calc file or does the data already reside in the Writer file?

The questions may be a bit redundant. I just want to be sure to understand how this works.

You may find this article helpful. I found it by a web search for the term how ole links work

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Thank you referring me to the article. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to answer my specific questions.