When is it safe to upgrade from 3.5.x to 3.6.x?

I’ve switched to LibreOffice and I’d like to update to 3.6.x but I found 3.6.0 was a little too unstable so I stuck with 3.5.x as the stable option. It works well enough but I see that 3.6.1 is out now and what I am wondering is when the 3.6.x release becomes stable enough for general use?

The first releases of a “final” version, e.g. 3.X or 3.X.0 will be aimed not at all users but specifically at “Innovators, early adopters and power users”; the typical use of this version is described as a “real life test” by the developers.
Over time, as the version matures, there will be point releases (3.X.1, 3.X.2 etc) and at some point the developers will recommend a release as a production version which is suitable for conservative users including big corporate deployments. The developers say that LibreOffice 3.X.2, for example, is such a production level release.

Thank you. Does that mean the .1 release is still somewhat unstable? I suppose it’s relative and the point is the point release is only safe for more conservative users when it hits .2 or .3?

You may have a look at → Release CriteriaRelease Plan

It is recommended that users upgrade to LibO 3.6.1 as it solves “a number of issues and regressions, plus further improving the stability of the program.” In next versions more bugs would be fixed