When making a query in base on a table from an ods file, I cann't define any fucntions to the queried fields

LibreOffice on Linux Mageia 7. Open a new database and choose an ods file as it source. One of the tables has a.o. a text and a numeric field. I cannot assign a group function to the text and sum function to the numeric field.
When I write the proper sql myself I get “syntax failure”, which is not really so.
On a fierbird-based database, this all works OK.


Please see my answer in this post → Base: run query on connected spreadsheet?

I’ve read your recommendation and it makes sense, but I cann’t use it straightaway, because the spreadsheet in question is daily conveyed to the community and each day it completely replaces the one from the previous day.
But I’ll be back on the subject, because you made me think about another possible (!!!) way out.