When Outline Mode get turned on? Writer

Anyone know if/when LibreOffice writer will activate the ‘Outline Mode’ options so we can finally with a mouse click collapse/expand blocks of text in outlines? Tools → Options → Writer → View → Outline Mode.

Any Writer extensions/plugins can do this? I didn’t see any after a quick search.

There is no “outline mode” à la M$ Word in Writer.

The Navigator side pane (F5) provides an equivalent navigation feature (I emphasize word “navigation” because there is no collapse/expand effect in the document content window).

The Navigator gives you a view about what your document is made of. One of the categories is Headings. Provided you followed the recommended style rules and gave your headings one of Heading n paragraph styles, the headings will be listed there.

To the left of the headings a small triangle or arrow (depending on the widget theme) allows you to expand/collapse the chapter, sub-chapter, sub-sub-…, etc. part of the outline. Double-click on one of the headings to scroll to it.

Moving whole parts of your document, keeping the sub-… relationship can be done with buttons in the navigator toolbar.

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link text Here’s a pic with the details. See the pic. Any idea when Outline Mode gets turned on?

Oops! I skipped this heading because there is no check box with it.

I found a org.openoffice.Office.Writer > Content > Display > ShowOutlineContentVisibilityButton property in the Advanced settings. I toggled it to true and restarted, by I see no change, no new button, …

Perhaps a preliminary defined property before any decent implementation.


Filed tdf#142615 for the element visibility without active experimental features


When Outline Mode get turned on?

When you:

  • Enable experimental features in Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> [x] Enable experimental features (may be unstable)
  • Restart LibreOffice and open a new Writer document

then option Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Writer -> View -> Option: [x] Show outline content visibility button will be available.

Hope that helps.