When saving in XSLX format, I am losing "cell format"

I am writing a coil compression spring design program. It has to be saved in “XLSX format” to be compatible with my CAD program. When I do so, I am losing (numeric display) “cell format.” What am I doing wrong?

I am unable to “attach” a link to my screenshot images. E-mail me at tangent@olympus.net and I will send them (or a “link”) to you.

Pls, what’s your LibreOffice version and OS?

Calc Version under Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).

Please what it’s the cel format that it’s lost?, can you past a copy here.from the cell’s edit?, you can attach here editing your question a sample file with a couple of formulas.

if you e-mail me, I can provide “screen shots” that show the problem. They are values expressing the torsional stress in the spring’s wire and deflection values that are “centered and rotated” values in a table that defined stress/deflection values in the spring. Please note that I can either send you the (JPG) screen shots themselves of a “link” for you to download them.

The spreadsheet leads one through the SAE/DoD procedure to create a round wire straight coil compression spring with a number of “cross-checks.” It then modifies a “base model” and saves it to a “project directory” under a “formally correct” designation (file name). What I would really like is an “Iron Python” library that would allow me to stay in ODS format!

The numeric values all turn into “###” and refuse to display (I have screen shots that demonstrate this) and the “conditional formatting” (that changes the background and font colors) has disappeared.

This visualization is habitual when the column it’s not enough wide to show the result.

I realize that “###” normally says that the “cell is too narrow.” But making is wider has no effect. The “base width” is more than sufficient for the “ODS” format. Making it 30% “wider” (“taller,” in this instance) has no effect whatsoever.

Is there any problem to show what is the cell format with the issue?

In the XLSX format, the numbers are identified as having 2 decimal places and NO “comma separators” whereas in the ODS format, they have 0 decimal places and “comma separators.”

Good luck.

Please what is the lost cell format?

image description

I am running Calc Version under Windows-7 Ultimate (64-bit). (1) Updated to Version and the “problem” went away. (2) It turned out (last night, just before updating) that changing from Times New Roman font to Arial font made the “problem” go away.