When starting new database message appears The connection to the data source "New Database5" could not be established.'

Advice please? what does this mean?
The driver class ‘org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver’ could not be loaded.The additional driver class path is ‘vnd.sun.star.expand:$LO_JAVA_DIR/hsqldb.jar vnd.sun.star.expand:$LO_JAVA_DIR/sdbc_hsqldb.jar’.


You do not provide any environment specifics - specific LO version, OS, is Java installed, what version?

Maybe this post is of help → installed libre base - The driver class ‘org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver’ could not be loaded.

Thanks for the answer. Apols if my post (No.1) was cryptic and terse. I was trying to find my way into the help system. Following your advice will probably help when I have really understood all the technicalities. I do appreciate the comment however.


As for help, F1. There are other links on main page here in right hand column under Resources.

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Also → Documentation/Publications