When to use which linking method in Calc

The Calc user guide describes four methods for linking data (excluding hyperlinks):

  • Link to external data
  • Link to registered data source
  • DDE
  • OLE

I can see how to use them but because I don’t know much about their inner workings, it is hard for me to evaluate when to use each method.

I would like to understand the conditions under which each method is most appropriate as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method, especially for linking charts

Criteria I could see using include:

  • Ease of creating and maintaining
  • Ease of updating
  • Security
  • Other?

I am looking for general ideas and don’t have a specific use case. However, please feel free to give examples.

If this question does not seem appropriate for this forum, then please advise me where it would be more appropriate to post it.

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@Catbill - just a hint: It is not sufficient to add a line break, if you want create a list of items. A minimum of two spaces at the end of a line before you ENTER is required to make it appear as a single line (even better: make use of the list item formatting)

Thank you for fixing this up, Opaque. I had pasted this in and neglected to do look at the formatting.
You are a thoughtful person and I hope you can share your thoughts about links:)