When using an =IFS statement Some of the results display N/A Even though it looks like there are no problems

The Statement: =IFS(D2<5 AND(F2-E2<2) ,“Easy”,D2>=5 OR(D2<10) AND(F2-E2>=2 OR(F2-E2<=4)),“Semi hard”,D2>=10 AND(F2-E2>4 OR(F2-E2<6)),“hard”,D2>=11 AND(F2-E2<9),“Sucks”,D2>=100,“How?”)

One of the N/A output Column info is D2=4 F2=8 E2=4

I think the error is with how the formulas are build D2<5 AND(F2-E2<2) -> AND(D2<5;(F2-E2)<2)) i guess, using explicit parentheses to do it more secure, avoiding an undesirable order with the calculations with the implicit precedence.

AND() function Help

Have a nice day it worked