when using print preview in spreadsheet why do I get "NO DATA" in window?

This has been asked before (in 2016) and marked as answered and unrelevant, but the problem persists: the print-preview window says ‘no data’ in a nice grey window, but the print area under /Format/Print Ranges/Edit… says ’ user defined - $A$12:$GM$128’.
In ‘normal view’ I do see the dotted lines indicating the print area, but when issuing the print command the preview is blank and the output is a blank page.

This is a spreadsheet imported from excel if that makes any difference.


Mmm, sorry, it turns out easy to work-around: the spreadsheet is too large for Calc to understand and when changing the page size to 150cm x 100cm the preview appears and I am able to edit the print settings as usual.

Not an very elegant error-message however!