When vba wil be available on Libreoffice?

When vba wil be available on Libreoffice?

I have many excel calculator with vba to growing my enterprise, but I’m must to use excel be able to enable button etc. insert in their files.


LibreOffice includes VBA support - to some extent. So it doesn’t make sense to ask “When vba wil be available on Libreoffice”; rather, it makes sense to file bugs on specific scripts that don’t work as expected. It isn’t guaranteed that they will be fixed promptly - but without the bug reports, it’s nothing to talk about at all.

Thanks Mike,

Is it possible to send to the community the excel file to find the problem? Because I don’t want to return to windows if I can.

A bug report should contain a description of the problem (including instructions what to do to trigger the problem, what is expected, what is actually got), and everything required in the reproduction, including any problematic documents attached.

The best is to try it. But the buttons that they in the excel sheet don’t work or they don’t showed. The buttons are use to clear data in column etc.