When Will Spell Check Be Fixed?

I think the subject/question is clear enough and has to be one of the most anticipated answers of many LO users.

Background. I was using LO 5.x on Ubuntu 16.04 and encountered the problem despite having additional UK English dictionaries installed. The program pretends to spell check and claims to have completed but doesn’t do squat!

I have since installed LO Version: on Linux Mint 18 and guess what!? Out of the box/download Spell Checking doesn’t work! I’ve installed additional dictionaries and there’s still no spell checking functionality.

This seems to have been an issue from version 4.x so can I suggest in all seriousness, that development of any further releases of LO cease until this issue is fixed. A Word Processor without functional spell checking is a waste of time. Which is a great shame.



I think the subject/question is clear enough

No, nothing is clear except for the fact that you are, eh, a nonsense artist. Spellcheck in LO/AOO is just excellent. No issues at all.

For starters, learn to ask smart questions. And read this tutorial.

Those who still have issues with Spell Checker running on Ubuntu/other variant I added the hunspell package and this seems to have remedied the issue. If someone can corroborate.