When will spell-checking be properly implemented, with proper language-installing options?

I spent many hours of researching how to get the spell-checker working for one Writter. For some reason, I had Spanish and French, even though I didn’t select them when installing, but I cannot seem to be able to download any of the “not-installed” options listed in the toolsspelling dropdown menu. It makes no **** sense.

Is this one of those cases of linux fanaticism where it's not us who are wrong, it's the consumers (as Linus from Linus Tech Tips put it)? I remember having problems with this a few years ago, too, so I doubt people didn’t complain about it before.

You probably needed to download the correct version for your language.
You should be able to find a dictionary or spell check on https://extensions.libreoffice.org/ and add using the extension manager

No, @EarnestAl , there is no extension/dictionary for my language. Only LanguageTool seems to have something for it. But I can see my language in the list of all possible languages, just without a checkbox next to it.

This is the wiki page of language support: Language support of LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

Thanks for the link! It’s mind-boggling to me that downloading language packs is so difficult. I think it should be linked right on the download page of LibreOffice itself.

In Writer, the possibility to add dictionaries is under Tools > Language > More dictionaries online.

The download page attempts to offer the appropriate version of LO according to the settings it detects from your browser. As this isn’t always what is wanted, the possibility to change OS, bitness or language are right there. Cheers Al