When you copy a cell from spreadsheet how can you avoid the extra space(s) that are included at the end?

When you copy a cell in a LibreOffice spreadsheet and paste it to another program (BBEdit in my case) it always adds a space at the end of the cell’s contents so when you paste it, you never get just the data you actually wanted. Any way to prevent this from happening?

Copy everything from input line.

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Copying from input line gives the same result (i.e. extra space(s)).

Makes no sense. If you select the text in the Input Line and copy that you copy only the selected text.

Or did you mean a line feed added instead of a space when copying a cell? That would be tdf#147496 changed for LO 7.4. But still, copying from Input Line content does not append that either.

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Sorry, my mistake. Copying the data from the input bar doesn’t include the extra line feed