Where are the downloads in appimage format?

Links on LibreOffice as AppImage | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft look deactivated.
Is this feature off-line only temporary or was it a decision? With several flavours of LO available I find the appimages very convenient, e.g., for quick comparisons of features and functionality.

Understood, all responders, many thanks for your involvement. Happy New Year!
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Those were never available from TDF site. I suppose that the page was created as a stub… see these ESC minutes.

See here for download links.

Thank you! Weren’t the 6 series betas available from TDF, though? Definitely have used some for those quick checks and somehow I don’t remember daring to run LO appimages from 3rd party sites… Well, never mind, my question is answered, thanks again.

Just FYI: Yousuf Philips (jay) - the one which answer I pointed you to for downloads - is our UI and UX expert; and he worked with AppImage LO package authors to make it “official”; although it haven’d happened, I’d consider those that he points to to be as good as official :slight_smile:

Looks like AppImage version is not very up-to-date - when new version announced, AppImage version is still outdated. Finally also PPA has been updated and 6.1.1 is available.

Unfortunately, the links on that page have not yet been activated, but we are working on it.
If you are interested LibreOffice Appimage packages, you can download them here: https://libreoffice.soluzioniopen.com