Where are the Release Notes for v5.1.1?

v5.1.1 (Fresh) is available for download already, but [Release Notes] shows for v5.1.0. So, where are the release notes for 5.1.1?!? Also, cannot this be made so that the user can easily navigate between notes for different releases? It seems that, as it appears now, that only the latest, (or prior) release is shown.



Releases notes are for 5.1 not 5.1.0

LibreOffice 5.1 Release Notes

The v5.1 series release notes are updated with noteworthy bugfix information throughout the series life, however this is of little value for finding information related to changes for each subsequent point release candidate. Notes for individual point releases are available on the wiki release category page, although as I write this the latest entry is for v5.1.0/Beta1. The point release pages do however exist, it is just the category page that has not been updated. For v5.1.1:

  • RC1.

  • There was no RC2 for this point release due to delayed changes.

  • RC3.

Alternatively, text logs of bugfixes and commits are available in the source code archive.