Where can I download an LibreOffice exe or zip file. I am unable to open/install .msi


I want to install it on Windows 8 Pro.

I think the Document Foundation only makes the MSI available for Windows from its download page.

You could, however, try installing the portable version which (of course!) can be installed to a main drive, not just a USB stick. This is at least a semi-official flavour, so that’s reassuring, too.

David’s right.

If the Doc Foundation only issues .msi files, they are missing out on a lot of potential users. Win 10 does not seen to allow the installation of LO msi files. Bloody arrogance!

FUD. I for one use Win10x64 and install LibreOffice MSIs all the time. MSI is the standard and recommended installation technology for all Windows since Win2000, and there are no plans to deprecate its usage, let alone remove support for it (although Windows Store arrived with an alternative installation technology IIUC).