Where can I find a tutorial for writing Macros in Calc?

I am trying to write some macros to perform some simple tasks in Calc to initialize fields in a spreadsheet I use. I have purchased the e-book “Learn OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet Macro Programming”. The book is dated 2006 and it looks like the current API is very different from the book. I am looking for help in how to create a dialog that displays labels and text fields so I can enter the data and the macro will put it in the proper cells for me. That book does not show how to save data that is entered in Text fields into spreadsheet cells.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Luckly @Lupp introduced this link to me only yesterday: http://www.pitonyak.org/book/

Your best bet is to start from API examples. There are downloadable documents that are embedded with macros you can look at.

As for the language used (Libreoffic Basic), you may have to learn about it from somewhere else. The grammar is probably similar to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).