Where can I find documentation for LibreOffice Basic

@ JohnSUN Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds like you visit/monitor this forum frequently if not constantly, unfortunately being a novice at writing OO Basic macros, I do not, so that is not what I had in mind as a way to make the little I have learned in creating this macro available to others.

@Wanderer Your suggestion sounds more like what I had in mind. I took a look at the link you provided. Now I just need to figure out where in that location would be a good place to post it. So far I looked to see if anyone else had posted something similar and have not found anything. I have not seen any place where macros were posted that were not a response to a question either. Maybe I just don’t know what to look for.

See Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - Code Snippets - (View forum) From that page:

Forum rules
For sharing working examples of macros / scripts. These can be in any script language supported by OpenOffice.org [Basic, Python, Netbean] or as source code files in Java or C# even - but requires the actual source code listing. This section is not for asking questions about writing your own macros.

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@robleyd This looks like it just might be the place that I am looking for. Thank you for saving me from a lot of flailing about.

@Wanderer had already suggested the same. Perhaps you overlooked the words.