Where Can I Find LibreOffice 4.4.7 or ?

I am trying to get libreoffice 4.47 or, for Windows. But all the download links seem to lead to libreoffice versions 5+. Can someone tell me where to get an earlier version than 5?


This was answered by @Lupp on another forum Here. The location hasn’t changed.

I just verified - select, 4.4.72, select win, select x86 and it’s all there.

Yes, I know it was answered. I don’t seem to know how to do it properly, AS I HAVE SAID.


I’m very sorry but I only see you wrote “…where to get an earlier version than 5?”. To make it clearer, in my comment I specified what to select. So, instead of going through the links yourself, here is the page it takes you to: click here. Download the …x86.msi file by clicking on it & install. If you don’t know install click here.