Where can I find old help packs?

They’re not in the LO download folder along with program versions. I’m looking for the help pack for v.5.4.


Thanks. That’s where I looked before, and couldn’t see any mention of the help packs. But I hadn’t looked hard enough, and found that clicking on the version number, then “win” in the resulting index, did it, and it’s now downloaded.

src??? It won’t give you a help pack, only source code for it. Help packs are along the main program installer in directories dedicated to operating systems (which you didn’t mention, so I couldn’t give you a better suggestion). E.g., for Windows 64-bit if you are using, you would need LibreOffice_5.4.7.2_Win_x64_helppack_en-US.msi from Index of /libreoffice/old/ if you use en_US user interface language.

Yes - I found “win” below “src” in the index and all is now well!