Where can I get Japanese language user interface?

I’m looking for the Japanese language extension, and clear directions how top install it.

Whenever LO comes out with an update we have to go get another version of the language interface. This is always such a hassle: link after link, page after text-filled page, then download, and thru LO try to find the correct file.

Why can’t you make this easier? Why can’t we simply go to the the LO website, go to language extension space, download the 1 extension we want, and have LO do the rest?

You are just looking at a wrong place/for a wrong thing. You do not need an extension, you need a language pack, it is a different thing. And this is made very easy: just choose the LO site in a language that you require, such as http://ja.libreoffice.org/ for Japanese. Clicking on ダウンロード there will bring your straight to the right selection of downloads.

Thank you.