Where can i get started with libreoffice vba?

Just trying to find the best places to start learn vba

There isn’t such a thing as “LibreOffice VBA”. “VBA” is shorthand for “Visual Basic for Applications” and is an MS specialty.
There also isn’t a “Calc Basic”, but LibreOffice is a kind of monolithic software including services to work with a TextDocument or a SpreadsheetDocument or a drawing document or…
It comes with a rather scanty Basic which ony is enhanced with some specific predefined variables and routines.
Next to all of the programming for a (the current) document relies on services and interfaces forming the API (ApplicationProgrammingInterface).
The most recommended text on the topic is the famous “OpenOffice.org Macros Explained” by Andrew Pitonyak.
Despite the title all thereally relevant things are the same for LibreOffice.


The question is not related to the LibreOffice forum.
Getting started with VBA in Microsoft Office

In LibreOffice it’s BASIC, the document model is different though there is some (limited) VBA compatibility.
See the Macro Guides, specifically the book by Andrew Pitonyak, the LibreOffice Basic Help and of course the Information and resources for LibreOffice macros wiki page.

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