Where can I get version 4.3 please?

This is because 4.4 seems to have made you use the same ZOOM value on Calc for all tabs in a spreadsheet. This is no good to me and the previous (before upgrade to Version:
Build ID: a22f674fd25a3b6f45bdebf25400ed2adff0ff99
Locale: en_GB) version did not have this behaviour. I have not seen anyone else ask about this so easiest option is to downgrade.


Hi peejayeff

The library of all versions is at:

Index of /libreoffice/old

Watch out!

LO/OO does NOT remove the Profile directory on either upgrade, downgrade nor removal. That is deliberate, but also one of the primary source of bugs, so you may well decide to rename your user Profile directory before downgrade.

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Hi Alex
Thanks for the pointers to old versions and the tip about the profile. I use LO as its available for free and has better compatibility to M$ Excel – or had until this issue over standardising the zoom on all tabs!
I am going back to a V4.3 that I found I had squirreled away and not realised (so could have avoided the question). However I also am downloading the latest 4.3 version in the archive.

Seems I was wrong - 4.3 exhibits the same behaviour as 4.4.
I do not understand as I know I am correct about the appearance of the various tabs in the original spread sheet. I will have to try it on a real Excel.

If you need information on the user profile can be found here: [Tutorial] User profile

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