Where did 'edit view in SQL' option go?


Where did this option go? It is present in Base6.3/HSQBD(embeded), but is not present in Base6.3 or Base6.4 with /Firebird(embeded). …

Is the intended process with Firebird to only be able to modify views using the main tool-bar SQL window?
Why remove the ‘right-click>edit in SQL’ functionality for table-view items?

Also the the main ‘create view’ seems buggy > ie a view created and saved in the ‘design-mode’ does not appear in the main table list until the whole .odb is saved/closed and re-opened (or tables updated). :confused: . Presumably that is also not intended as ‘optimal’, compared to Base6.3/HSQLDB(emb) ?

Are these changes necessary in some way for Firebird?

(ThankYou Libre!)

PS - seems similar to:

So it appears that in Base6.4/Firebird(emb) a view can be modified in SQL by:

make a new query > save as view >>> modify query > create a new view …

this is not really optimal, and still does not work with Base6.3/Firebird(emb) …

Are there plans to change these LO behaviors in future?
And (as per original question) : Is this change/lose-in-functionality in some way necessary because of Firebird ?


There are still a number of issues open with the change to Firebird embedded. Here are a few related: tdf#131330, tdf#126580, tdf#126960.

Don’t recall Where did 'edit view in SQL' option go? ever being there for Firebird embedded. HSQLDB embedded - yes.

Best to refer to Bugzilla for potential Firebird embedded issues.

Thanks for the quick reply : apparently “This isn’t only a Firebird problem. Have heard of the same problem, for example, in MySQL/MariaDB.”… tdf#126960.

I would be curious to know why, if anybody has any clues ? / ?