Where do I download Libre font sets? I don't see a link on Libre.com

Libre version Writer

Operating system version 11, English

What operating system is that ? There’s no OSX11 nor Window$ 11 yet, and if it’s Linux Mint 11 you’re using ancient version, so the only one I can think/find of is SUSE Enterprise Linux 11, which also is ancient.

LibO comes with big package of fonts. You can look in the internet for additional fonts.

Here are a few links:

This link can assist you in identifying fonts:

Installation must be done according to your OS. LibreOffice links to you fonts automatically.

To add, I’ve found usable fonts at http://www.dafont.com/ and http://www.fontsquirrel.com, but finding free fonts seems to be really easy on Google even for me. Companies and other similar things need to be sure to look for commercially-usable fonts so there won’t be problems. Many are, at least on Dafont.

@rautemiekka - Thanks for the additional links.which contain also interesting fonts.

Heh, no problem. If your Google is completely in either American or British English including results (well, mine is meant to return Finnish too, but mostly it doesn’t), you can put free fonts to get a rather long list of sites offering free fonts.

Thank you, Reinhold, and Rautemiekka for your very useful and easy to use links above!

Recently I came across a subreddit called identifythisfont: https://www.reddit.com/r/identifythisfont/. Could come in handy when a font is hard to find.