Where does LibreOffice store default separator settings?

Windows 10 - seperator for Latvian is ( . ) dot (e.g. Reggional settings), but LibreOffice does not use it.
Calc uses ( , ) comma as seperator for Latvian, and I see now way to change it.
Where does LibreOffice take that comma from?
Is there any language settings file to set Latvian to ( . ) ?


Windows 10 , Version: (x64), Locale: lv-LV (lv_LV);

Currently it is not possible to override the separators provided by locale data, there’s an RFE to implement that, tdf#46448

However, the default Latvian lv-LV decimal separator actually should be ‘,’ comma, see also ICU Locale Explorer and Unicode CLDR. Did you override it in the Windows Regional Settings or is ‘.’ dot the Windows default for lv-LV?

Yes, ‘,’ is default decimal separator in Windows, but in fact it is rarely used here in Latvia and it is easy changeable in Windows. In my office admins usually preconfigure ‘.’ and I can assure You, that 2 most popular local ERP systems work with ‘.’
Of course I can not affirm, that ‘.’ is best solution for country, but I should be easy switchable.