Where does the Appimage version store the palette files?

I would like to add a custom palette, but the Appimage version does not seem to use any of the standard locations for the palette folder. Where do I place my custom .soc file?

And Tools -> Options > LibreOffice -> Paths doesn’t tell you the location of your user profile?

Yes, but the user path that it shows only includes things like my templates and autocorrect files. There was no palette folder. I added one, but it is not picking up any of the palettes in that folder. It seems to be getting the palette options from somewhere else.

Yes, there is no folder palette - but the palette files should be within almost the same path just replace ../backup or ../gallary by ../config. User defined palette files go to the config directory of your user profile.

That worked! Thank you!!

Answer for the records:

  1. Check Tools -> Options > LibreOffice -> Paths for the base part of your user profile
  2. Put your palette file into the config directory of your user profile

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I can confirm that this answer is correct. Thank you!