Where is autocorrect?

Hi, everyone!
Sorry for the dumb question, but where are the autocorrect options in Writer? Forums I’ve looked at reckon they should be on the Tools tab, but my Tools tab only has stuff for macros. In exasperation I thought I’d add it using the Customise window, but if I choose AutoCorrect Options as my Command and Tools as my Target, then it is already there among the Assigned Commands (alongside a bunch of other stuff that is not actually on my Tools tab at all).
Any ideas?

LibreOffice Writer, Fedora 35

Not sure to understand the question. Have you looked at menu Tools>AutoCorrect>AutoCorrect Options?
You used Tools tab word; so have you changed the user interface in some way?

Hi, ajlittoz
Yeah, I’ve just discovered User Interfaces. It was set to Tabbed. Have now switched it to Standard Toolbar, and a whole slew of options have appeared, on real menus. Including AutoCorrect. Phew. Shame, though, as I thought the Tabbed interface looked neater.
So I guessed that is solved.

As an aside, you appear to be able to customise the Tabbed User Interface using the Notebookbar tab in the Customise window. But I do not see AutoCorrect Options anywhere. In which case the only way to access them would appear to be by first switching the User Interface to Standard Toolbar. An oversight?

Personal opinion: the tabbed interface is some “pollution” requested by M$ lore afficionados who don’t make the mental effort to learn the principles of a new application. The tabbed interface is not a “neater” one, it is one which forwards the “bad” (once again personal opinion) concepts implemented in M$ Word.

Writer is style-oriented. Styles are a way to markup your document as to the significance of paragraphs, words, pages, … intended by you as the author. You then associate this significance with visual or typographical attributes, not the other way round (for instance, you can have a “foreign” and an “irony” styles for foreign language words or ironical sequences which both are rendered italics; if you style first, you can make a distinction when you edit your document but if you set italics first, you can no longer revise automatically the foreign words without changing also the irony!).
When you are fully “style-writing”, you no longer need the formatting buttons for bold, italics, numbered lists, font face, … You only apply the styles from the various menus, lists (Navigator) or keyboard shortcuts (for styles, not for effects).
Therefore, I always remain with the standard UI which anyway I seldom use because I play with styles.

You can add the menubar to the Tabbed user interface, just click the menubar icon at the very left, to toggle visibility of the menus. You can then have the Tabbed interface but when it is insufficient, you can use a proper menu. Cheers, Al


Brilliant! I like this even more. Thank you, EarnestAI!