Where is better to ask questions: here or in Reddit?

My goal is to obtain answers as quickly as possible.

Try it.

And you can try the common OOo, AOO, LO Forum too:

(Please inform the members/volunteers when you crosspost a question on more than one place…)

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Question retagged as meta because common is for usage problems occurring in all components of the suite (Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, Writer)

We are trying hard, if you would use the Search-button … there is a good chance to find an answer before asking :angry:


My take between this AskLibreOffice site, Reddit and the Apache forum:

  • Reddit seems to yield answers faster, and it is perhaps better indexed in search engines than the others. At least, the Reddit answers seem to get a higher ranking in searches.
    The Reddit threads are generally bulkier and the site itself is a bit noisy.

  • This ask site is populated by users based on their singular interest in LibreOffice. Answers may take a little longer, but tend to be more precise (less unnecessary bulk) and less prone to error.

  • The Apache site user base is similar to this site. The interface is more of a discussion forum, not as much of the narrow “issue solving” focus. This appears more permissive towards unsolicited advice, where the other sites generally promotes a more singular problem-solving answering style.

Some users conceive unsolicited advice as condescending or annoying. Others find it a friendly gesture and even useful at times. Also, my take as given here is of course a limited source, and may also be biased by the fact that I dislike the reddit “noise”.

If fast response is your top priority as you state in your question, Reddit may be your go-to service. Other than that, anything goes, even crossposting “all over the place” (but please notify us if you do. Many helpers visit multiple sites. It is demotivating if you make a significant effort to type a full answer, only to learn that the same answer was already given somewhere else by some other helper.)


Thats a kind description, isnt it? IHMO: its “heaven on earth”…for advertizers, but straight from hell for users.

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Reddit is much faster. Go to Reddit,please.