Where is Presenter Console for Impress 5.3.4?

First time using Impress… Using LibreOffice version Have a very nice multi-media presentation developed, and can’t find the Presenter Console. It does not appear under Extension Manager. And, the only things appearing under the “Slide Show” menu are: Start From First Slide; Start From Current Slide; Rehearse Timings; Custom Slide Show; Slide Show Settings. There is no way to use the “Slide Show” and use the Notes for the slides. Do I have to print out all the slide notes and follow along with paper Notes when giving the presentation? I have a 3 hour teaching seminar - presentation - that I have to give the presentation in three weeks. Do I have to go get a copy of Power Point after all? Please Help Me!! Thank you for your consideration!

Do you have a second monitor connected?

See also Where can I find the Presenter Console in Libre Office 4?
There were changes with V5.1 (See Relase Notes.)

I personally never use Impress, but as far as I know ‘Presenter Console’ was an extension developed by Sun/Oracle for OpenOffice.org, now Apache OpenOffice.
I don’t think there was an update since V1.1.0 of 2010.
Since there is this wiki page concerning the usage of the Presenter Console with LibreOffice I would suppose it still works with LibO.

You shoulkdn’t need to download and install an extension. The functionality should be included now.

As m.a.riosv said above… Presenter works with a second display hooked up - the projector, I guess. So, will try that… Thanks for taking the time to answer.

From documentation:
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/images/a/ae/IG42-ImpressGuide.pdf pg. 31

**Presenter Console**
LibreOffice Impress has a Presenter Console function that can be used  
**when an extra display for presentation has been connected your computer.**
The Presenter Console (
Figure 20
) provides 
extra control over slide shows by using different views on your computer display and on the display
that the audience sees. The view you see on your computer display includes the current slide, the 
upcoming slide, any slide notes, and a presentation timer.

Thank you for the information. Guess hooking to the projector is the “extra display”… thank goodness… I was afraid I was going to have to redo the presentation.

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