Where is the Rotate objects icon in Draw?

The help page§ for Rotating Objects says:

Select the object you want to rotate.
On the Mode toolbar in LibreOffice
Draw or on the Drawing bar in
LibreOffice Impress, click the Rotate

Unfortunately, I can’t see a Mode toolbar in Draw:

image description

I have no memory of deleting this toolbar and I think it’s very unlikely that I would have done so. But it’s very possible that I’m somehow looking in the wrong place.

So I have two questions:

  • Where can I find the Rotate icon,

  • Is this my error or a bug on
    the help page? I can file a bug
    report, but I strongly suspect user

I am using LO on Ubuntu/KDE.

§ The link is to 6.4 because that is what I am using, but the text is the same as 7.1.

For a precise angle of rotation you can right click an object and select position and size. In the rotation tab you can select point of rotation and enter the angle


1) Where can I find the Rotate icon

follow the arrow and open the drop down “Transformations” (taken from your own animated gif):

Alternative: Use toolbar Transformations which seems to be the new name of toolbar Mode.

2) Is this my error or a bug on the help page?

From my perspective this is a bug in help page.

3) Customization

You may create your own Mode toolbar (e.g if you don’t like to be forced to use a drop down requiring an extra click) through

  • Tools -> Customize -> Tab: Toolbars and clicking the icon leftmost beneath Target.
  • Select Add...
  • Provide name Mode
  • Search for Rotate in Search
  • Select Rotate in Available Commands
  • Use black right arrow to add the command to Target (toolbar) Mode.

Hope that helps

Filed bug report tdf#143309 - Incorrect help information about toolbar “Mode” in Draw

Thank you for answering and fixing this so quickly! I reported a closely related bug in tdf#143319