Where is the wordsearch in the writer please?

I want to search for a file by name and/or content as is possible in Word. There doesn’t seem to be a search box so how do I do it? I’m sure the answer is right before my eyes but at the moment I’m not seeing it!

You have the option to choose LibreOffice or Windows explorer dialog.

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/General - Open/Save Dialogs.

I don’t have ‘Word’, but: Is this really integrated into ‘Word’ by MS? Logically the search for files by name and by content as well is a typical task for tools connected to the operating system. The interface for its usage may be a specific piece of software and/or integrated with the default file manager of the OS.

On my Win 10 system my ODF (.od., .ods, …) files are indexed and found easily from Explorer.exe.

I believe that it was, in the days when Windows Explorer didn’t amount to much, back in the 80s and 90s or so. Not sure though, it’s long ago since I last opened MS Word,