Where or which is the i686 intel .deb install version for HP laptop running kubuntu 18.04

I am having trouble with java and need to know which download version of LibreOffice is good for i686 version for Kubuntu 18.04

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Trouble with Java should not be a LO version issue. Based upon your tags you need a JRE for Base. Usually the problem is an incorrect JRE or settings. For more see my answer in this post → on firefox and have loaded java 32.


Please note that using 32-bit LO versions may have a further problem with Java because of the Kernel in Linux. For a fix see answer in this post → LibreOffice Base crashes on 32bit Linux

Given that the i686 runs 32 bit wide code, then you need the x86, not the x64 version.

1) Select Linux x86 (deb) in the pull down box here.

2) Scroll up or down and choose a version, either 6.1.2 or 6.0.6 depending on your preference.

3) Then click the yellow Download button for your selected version.

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