Where save my property file?

I’m making a extension for LibreOffice in Java.
And I need to save a property file.

Where should I put this file?

As a candidate, "User Profile" folder is written here


Is there the way to retrieve the location by LibreOffice API?

Are you talking about .oxtproperties? It will be more correct if you entrust the choice of location to the Extension Manager. What tool do you use to create an extension? Eclipse? NetBeans?

There are a lot of articles on the Web, but none of them answered all my questions at the same time, I had to collect information from all over the place. Even on YouTube. Therefore, I can recommend to Eclipse Help-Help Contents, there is a section LOEclipse User Guide

Sorry, but I couldn’t find an answer from his comment.

Sorry for making your misunderstanding.

I meant the file for saving each user data, not for application.
For example, save user info for using any API(like Google API.)

If VB, that is “My.settings” and determined the location to save automatically.


I chosen to use below now.

Path Setting - “work”

Or “System.getProperty(“user.home”)”

I don’t know these are best method.

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t know .oxtproperties.
And I could not find information about that.
Tell me the detail or article about that.

I made a extension project using loeclipse plugin on eclipse.

Your question turned out to be difficult due to the ambiguity of the term “Properties” - this word can mean several different sets of values. But I think I guessed what you are asking. Are you interested in the position of properties of your extension? Just open the file description.xml - it is located in the root of the project

Properties OXT