Where to download libreoffice for intel atom processor windows 10?

My apologies if this should be obvious, but it’s not.

I’m thinking of purchasing an inexpensive tablet running Windows 10, so was checking to see if LibreOffice will run no it but can not find where to download the Atom version folks are referring to here.

Do I just download the appropriate version I want for Windows and it’ll automatically load correctly for the Atom processor?


Yes to your last question. LO runs on any windows with Intel CPU.

Only problem I see is the touch screen. LO is not optimized for touch screen use, only for keyboard and mouse.

Hi RichE

The only feedback so far on ask.libO has been that yes, LO will run under the intel Atom architecture, but that you need to carefully discover whether you are running under a 32-bit or 64-bit system (see also Q57673).

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I have probably purchased the exact tablet you are referencing.

It required the x86 architecture (even though it is stated as a 32 bit processor as seen below).

Intel Atom Z3735F x64 32-bit Op System.

I have only opened the writer tool so far, but it looks like it is working.

Good luck!