Where to find libreoffice-postgresql

I am using Mageia 6, and it usually provides a complete LibreOffice installation including things like libreoffice-postgresql (not installed by default). The last version in its repo is now
Recently I decided to install 6.1.5 (to avoid some bug) from the rpm’s at this download site, but now I find out that this libreoffice-postgresql is missing from it. Fair enough, it’s not something the daily user would need, but I want now to make a Base application with data in postgres from another program. I don’t see a direct way to it in the download page. Plse some hint (other than compiling the whole bunch from scratch if you please).


Are you saying the PostgreSQL SDBC connector is missing in LO or PostgreSQL itself is missing? You can also connect using JDBC or ODBC connectors from PostgreSQL. Also unclear as to ‘…with data in postgres from another program’. Other programs do not contain the data. The data always resides in the PostgreSQL container.

  1. The data are in a postgres database (I know its name, user and password)
  2. The postgres Jdbc connector seems to be missing from the LibreOffice installation: I have in the repo the libreOffice-postgresql package for versions 5.4.3. and provided from Mageia, but when I check the installed packages for LO 6.1.5 this package is missing.
    I found the package in rpmfind.net, but again no go: this package is 6.1.5-1.2 and the installed version from the LO download page is (was?) 6.1.5-1.1.

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Hello @hermanv

As stated in my comment, the JDBC and ODBC connectors are available from PostgreSQL. These are not included in an LO distribution. You can find the JDBC connector here → PostgreSQL JDBC Driver.

Personally have been using v42.1.1.jar (with OpenJDK 9 on Mint 18.3) but with this question upgraded to v42.2.5.jar and see no immediate problems.

ODBC page is → PostgreSQL ODBC driver. However Synaptic Package Manager (Linux) also has ODBC & SDBC drivers.

Hehe, I took your lead and found the Postgresql catalog at here and that points to https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/PostgreSQL-SDBC and there I read “Merged into master branch and is part of LibreOffice 3.5. Has been converted to an optionally installable part of LibreOffice proper, not an extension anymore.”
So back to my original quesstion: where can I find it for LO 6.1.5-1.1??

When starting a new Base file file the wizard appears. On that dialog there is a selection to Connect to an existing database. Selecting that and then using the drop down list under that you should find a selection for PostgreSQL. That is the SDBC connector. It has been there with the LO installation for a very long time. Have been getting my versions from TDF (The Document Foundation) here → LibreOffice. Don’t know of any other sources than what has been presented.

Well, TDF is the place I got my installed version from. And I can definitely confirm: when I open a new database, select “Connect to an existing database” there is no item in the dropdown list for SDBC nor Postgresql. And BTW: I took the rpm (x86-64) for download.
But I checked the current 6.1.5 download, and it is now, and I checked its contents and the necessary rpm is there. So I will give this one a go and report back later.

Now all is fine, I can connect.