Where to find the connectors-toolbar

I am sorry to ask this question, but I spend hours trying to connect two squares with a line. I know that I am looking for an icon to create so-called “connectors”. But I can’t find it. It is not in my drawing-toolbar and I have absolutely no clue where to find it :frowning:

Pls help
Greetings Khadus

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Make sure View>Toolbars>Drawing is active.

The connector tool is here: connector tool

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I am currently using Version (x64) of the LibreOffice. I am unable to find the Connector icon as per the above Response given. The Help also mentions the same thing, but in my application, I can find all other icons as above, except the Connector tool. How do I get it? Please help

The list of icons I can see in the Drawing Toolbar (View → Toolbars → Drawing)
Select, Insert Line, Lines & Arrows, Curves & Polygons, Curve, Polygon, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Square, Ellipse, Circle, Isoseles Triangle, Right-angle Triangle, Basic Shapes, Symbol Shapes, Block Arrows, Stars & Banners, Callout Shapes, Flowchart, Callouts, Insert Text Box, Insert Fontwork Text, Points, & Toggle Extrusion


Apparently, you are in Writer. Writer only offers a reduced choice of drawing tools because Writer is not supposed to create sophisticated drawings. They are there only for “simple” dingbats illustrations.

Full choice is available in Draw application. Usually it is more convenient and user-friendly to design your drawings in Draw and to paste the result into Writer.

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Thank you so much. You are right. When I checked in Drawing app, it is there.