Where to find the "Wish list" for Libre Office?

I’m lookig for a Wish list for Libre Office - a list/forum where users can add their ideas how to improve LibreOffice which developers will use for prioritizing development tasks.
Apache OpenOffice has one at Google moderator (https://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=2011d5) but where is one for Libre Office?
Thanks for the help.

Query (sorted according to "Component")

Severity: enhancement


Product: LibreOffice

To narrow the list down:

Chose "Edit Search" (at the bottom right)

Select a "Component", etc.

See also → How add an idea in “Development/Crazy Ideas”.


Choose “enhancement” in the severity field

Thank you for the fast answer. Unfortunalely to collect the user ideas in Bugzilla is quite complicated (for users). F.ex. I did not suceed to search whether my idea is already included. The link is just to add a new bug/idea. No other more user friendly tool?

There is also the vote for enhancement. Unfortunately not much moving there but you may find your item in this wish list and vote for it.

Try to open a new bug and while you type the header similar bugs show up. This is for me faster than a search.

Thanks. Another way how to submit a proposal for enhancement. This “Vote for Enhancement” is already 17 months old but just a few ideas are listed here. Maybe because of quite complicated way how to do it. To OO comunity took just a few months to collect 900 ideas. Why do not try to use Google mod.?

Another Idea to use a Meta-Bug for enhancements like the MABs (Most Annoying Bugs), so the devs have list to go on.