Where to place autocorrect options for LibreOffice Writer in Fedora 39?

I recently moved to fedora from Ubuntu and I am using LibreOffice. In particular, I have prepared a file (acor_en-US.dat) with all the auto-corrections I use most often. In Ubuntu, I can copy this file into ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/autocorr/ and assure that all the machines I use will have the same set of auto-corrections. But in Fedora this does not work.

How can I set the L.O. auto-corrections in Fedora?

Thank you

This seems to be the right path to your user profile (and its autocorr* subdirectory). You can check the path in Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Paths`.

If you want you auto-correction customisation to be available for all accounts on your machine, you should store the file in the “*Internal Paths”. It is given as /usr/lib64/libreoffice/share/autocorr/ on my Fedora 39.

Thank you, I placed it there bu nothing happened, like with my approach. My paths are

But I can’t expand …/program/…/share… so I don’t know where the internal path is.

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According to file path syntax, fragment program/../share is strictly equivalent to share (because .. is the parent directory of the current location).

OK, so now the file is in both locations; why it does not work?

Have you checked your file permissions? If they look fine, attach your file so that I can see if it works on my computer.

I noticed that /usr/lib64/libreoffice/share/ is a link to /usr/share/autocorr. Yet no differences. I don’t think I can attach a file here…

Look for the upload button, when adding a comment here.
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acor_en-US.doc (31.4 KB)
I know about the UPLOAD button but it was not set for the .dat format; I changed the extension to .doc. It is possible to check if the data works for instance by typing ^- (should give the m line) or ^e (should give the euro sign). Tx

Your AutoCorrect file gives the expected results if is is in the user paths (.config/libreoffice/…) but fails when I put it in the internal paths (/user/lib64/libreoffice/…). Note I changed the name from acor_en-US.dat to custom_en-US.dat*.

I wonder if there is a conflict with built-in :^-: and :^e: entries. It is probable that these “long” patterns hide your shorter ones. When you file is in the user paths, it takes precedence over factory rules. But when you put the custom file in the internal paths, Writer sees two dictionaries at the same file level. Even if contents don’t overlap, I don’t know which one chosen or in which order they are considered.

I retried by “parking” factory acor_en-US.dat and using your file with this name. In this case, your entries work as expected.

Apparently (I can’t assert it for sure 100%), you can have only a single AutoCorrect language file in the internal paths (i.e. a single *_en-US.dat). Consequently, you must merge your additions into the factory file. Otherwise, copy your custom file in every ~/.config/libreoffice/… account directory.