Where to put any suggestion, feature request or report bug of an extension?

Where to put any suggestion, feature request or report bug of a libreoffice extension?

For an Extension (whether enhancement or a bug report), simply use the Bug Submission Assistant and on the second step, select the “Extension” component:

Follow the prompts and you should be fine. If it is a new feature (enhancement) please clearly mark the bug report as an “enhancement” and provide as much detail as you can. Once you have reported you bug / enhancement, please add the number back here for the reference of others using the form “fdo#1233456”. Thanks.

@oweng’s above answer triggered again a though I have whenever I post an enhancement request. On the page to be see in @oweng’s screen shot there is no possibility to indicate an enhancement request, except for writing “enhancement” in the subject line. (This is what I am doing.)

What about adding a choice “bug report” / “enhancement request” at the very beginning of this page? This could in the ideal case also set on the bugzilla side the field “importance” to “medium” + “enhancement”.

Opinions please.

I think this is done on purpose. The BSA is to allow the average non-technical user to report a bug, thus details like Severity (which is where “enhancement” is specified) are set to specific initial values. I think this is a good idea, as unless people read the related bug pages about how to set severity, a lot of bugs get set to the highest level for no good reason. It also allows confirming of bugs by second parties.

@oweng - Giving the BSA a bit more functionality would again prevent not experienced people to go to the bugzilla page and do changes there. I myself change only for an enhancement the severity to enhancement but when my posting a real bug report I don’t touch this at all.
The choice “bug report” / “enhancement request” at the very beginning of the BSA could also be used to just add the word ENHANCEMENT into the subject line. This is what I did at the beginning and still do now.

Part 2 - BTW - I hope that my setting of severity to “enhancement” additional the word enhancement in the subject line does not create a problem. Until now I did not get a complaint, thus assume I not doing something wrong.

I doubt adding “enhancement” to the subject line is a problem, but I will let a developer confirm / deny this. There are about 40 currently open bugs with this text, of which 34 have Severity set to “enhancement”.

@oweng - I am also aware that our devs have a lot of things to do. Thanks for informing them. We will see if they have time.