Where to set display resolution PPI / DPI

I have a 40" 4K monitor, which is 110 Pixels Per Inch. When I view, say, a letter-size page in Draw at 100%, it’s smaller than the size of the real page. I want 100% on the display to actually be 100% of the real page.

Alternatively phrased, if I draw a 10" line in Draw, it should physically measure 10" on the display using an actual ruler.

It looks like LO is rendering at 96 PPI. Can I change it to 110 PPI? Where?

A search on this page gives this result:


Somwhere in your unknown OS. Resolution and scaling is typically set in the OS and should be detected by programs.

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If you can’t find where to set DPI, adjust the zoom factor. If rendering is based on 96dpi, then for 110dpi set zoom at 115%. Alternatively, use screen rulers. These are small utilities you can move on your screen as a vertical or horizontal ruler (switchable with a right-click + menu). Unfortunately, they usually measure pixels.

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